11 July, 2018

Chinatown Friendly

Well done to our fantastic competitors in the Chinatown Friendly this year.  Mr Jon Alagoa won the adult competition yet again, and runner up this year was Martyn Trigg.

Aled Davies from Moreton-in-Marsh, a previous under 11s winner, won the teens competition, with runner up Tommi Loke from Chinatown.

And Chinatown’s Kairo Litchfield Dominguez fought off his classmate Ishan Miah to win the under 10s event.  

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There’s a shiny new floor at our Moreton-in-Marsh venue, making it an even more wonderful place to train.

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Watch this great music video from LCTKD’s Technical Director Mr Drew Hall, and if you like it you can download the music free in our shop.

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A great time for Tai Chi outdoors, don’t you think?  Watch this great video, below, featuring our own Louise Morey, and if you like Tai Chi outdoors book our Learn Tai Chi in a Morning course at the beautiful Batsford Arboretum on 27 July.