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8 August, 2018

Interesting Statistics

There are some fascinating statistics about LCTKD which came out of our annual audit.

We bet there are few that will surprise you.

Take a look.

Teaching Assistants

Congratulations to our new group of Teaching Assistants, pictured above, from TaeKwonDo, Tai Chi and Kickboxing.  You can see more photos from their course in our gallery.

Take a look.

Real Swords

Click on the photo to see a recent video of some of our Mugai Ryu students cutting through special targets.

New Instructor

Congratulations to the latest member of the team to qualify as a Full Instructor.  This is David O’Brien, who teaches Tai Chi in the Cotswolds.

Bredon Hill Cup

Yes, book your place now because the Bredon Hill Cup is coming up!

Click on the photo for details.