20 April, 2017

Calendar Notes

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World Tai Chi Day

Come and join us for our great fun FREE annual event in celebration of World Tai Chi Day on 29 April.  It’s at the gloriously beautiful Batsford Arboretum, and entry to the Arboretum for the event is free.  

View or download the event flyer.

Our New Redditch Home

From Friday 21 April our Friday Tai Chi and Mugai Ryu moves to the REDI Centre, at the heart of the community in Redditch’s South Street.  There’s 4 classes on a Friday to add to our seated Tai Chi which is already at the REDI Centre on Thursdays. So come and join us!

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Redditch.jpg Mugai Ryu REDI Centre Apr 17.jpg

SAMA Kickboxing

It is now possible to achieve a Black Belt in our SAMA Kickboxing in Broom, Warwickshire - and Cotswolds and Vale students can do it under the same subscription that pays for your TaeKwonDo.

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