Tai Chi


At LCTKD we teach the gentle Chinese art of Tai Chi (also known as Taiji and T’ai Chi Chuan or Taijiquan).  Rooted in and closely related to other martial arts, Tai Chi has become popular around the world for being a gentle exercise which improves balance and coordination, relieves stress, concentrates the mind and promotes a general feeling of health and wellbeing.  

At LCTKD, we teach the movements with an explanation of their martial origins so that students can fully understand the movements, but there is no combat involved, and our Tai Chi classes are suitable for students of all ages and abilities.

We teach the traditional Yang Style Tai Chi, and beginners focus on what is known as the Yang Style Short Form.  More experienced students also practise Qi Gong (see the link to the Eight Pieces of Brocade), and related disciplines like Tai Chi Fan.  The emphasis is on the health giving and healing power of the movements, and the Yang Style movements are interpreted with our “wave motion” approach to emphasise this aspect.  We also offer seated Tai Chi.

Our classes began with a public taster session at the beautiful Batsford Arboretum, and we are pleased to continue classes there, as well as in many other locations and through private lessons and special courses.

A number of our classes and courses are supported by Worcestershire County Council’s Adult Learning, which enables us to reach out to even more locations. Use the links on this page to find our more about our Tai Chi.

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