The letters LCTKD stand for London Chinatown TaeKwonDo.  That remains the formal name for our company, even though everyone now refers to us as LCTKD.  Though we are no longer only a TaeKwonDo school, we keep the letters as a recognition of our beginnings at the London Chinese Community Centre, at the heart of London’s Chinatown.  It was there, in 2005 (or maybe it was 2004 - nobody can remember now!), that two of us started up informal martial arts training sessions, which over the years grew into formal TaeKwonDo classes under the name of London Chinatown TaeKwonDo.

In 2008, we started to teach classes in the Cotswolds and Vale of Evesham, and this, with the support of a team of hugely experienced instructors, enabled us to strengthen our TaeKwonDo with more specialist self defence, and to extend the range of martial arts and related activities that ofered.

Today, LCTKD offers classes in TaeKwonDo, Tai Chi, Ensodo, the Zen-based Japanese Sword art Mugai Ryu, the Algerian art DFS, Kickboxing, Freestyle Martial Arts and Specialist Self Defence.  We also offer a host of specialist seminars, private sessions and tailored training courses.  We work closely with colleagues all over the world, particularly through our involvement with the Institute for Advanced Integrated Martial Arts, which we helped to set up in 2011.   

We are proud that from our humble beginnings we have grown into a truly international force in martial arts.  

Background to LCTKD

The London Chinese Community Centre, Where LCTKD was born:


If you’d like to find out about how LCTKD began in Chinatown, it’s a great story, and it’s told by one of our founders, Mr Neil R. Hall, in the new book, “Many Paths, One Destination,” which he edited and wrote together with leading martial artists from around the world.  This fascinating book is now available in our shop.

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