Money's Real Tight

From the very beginning, our mission has been to give as many people as possible the opportunity to discover martial arts. Right from the start, we have set ourselves up to make sure the nobody would be prevented from becoming involved. When it comes to money, we have also set our standard rates cheaper than others, and on top of that always offered family and low income discounts as well, so that not having so much money need not be an obstacle.

Right now, though, money is real tight for everyone, and we know that people who not long ago would not have had to worry about being able to pay are now really worried about what they can afford. So we have taken some big steps to keep us true to our mission.

Many martial arts school set a high subscription, without discounts, which goes up each year, and then expect you to pay an extra "licence" fee, pay for suits, pay for expensive equipment, and pay more to attend expensive events. We don't do any of these things.

Our fees don't rise.

We aren't raising our fees despite inflation and the rising costs that we ourselves face. And, our loyalty guarantee scheme means that the rate you start on is the rate you pay forever.

And we are still offering big family and low income discounts.

There are no hidden costs.

You pay for your subscription. If you are in an art that includes gradings - which are always optional - we ask you to pay for them (there's a low income rate for that, too), and that's everything.

Suits? We'll give you one.

In arts where there are required suits - so that's TaeKwonDo, Ensodo and Mugai Ryu - we will give you a free suit when you pay your first month's subscription.

Equipment? We've got it covered.

In TaeKwonDo, Ensodo, and SAMA you need sparring gear to keep you safe. If you don't want to wait, you can buy yours right away on our website. But if you don't mind waiting, we will give you gloves when you do your first grading, boots when you do your second grading, and a headguard when you do the third. For most people, that's less than a year. And you pay only for the grading. Till you have all the stuff, we will do our best to lend you what you need.

In Mugai Ryu, you need a wooden sword to begin with, and a special practice sword later. We will lend you what you need, and after three months get you the wooden sword and the things that go with it. We can't stretch to buying you the practice sword, but we can continue to help with what you need until you are in a position to get your own.

Events and Workshops

We have an extensive programme of workshops and events for our students. In some cases, we give them access to optional events outside LCTKD, and we don't control the cost of those. Within LCTKD though, most of our workshops and events are FREE to our students. So you get all the fun and the extra learning without having to worry about the cost.

Just Ask

What we offer sets us a long way apart from other schools, and we are proud of what we do. After reading about it, you might still have a question or two. If you do, please just ask.