Behind the Banner

We are very serious about our martial arts. A traditional martial arts school, we don't teach watered down or pretend versions, and we have very high expectations of what we teach and of our students. But that doesn't make us stuffy. We believe in having fun. Our classes are fun and our events, like this 100 spars event in fancy dress, are fun too. No matter how serious you are, it's still okay to have fun.


You can read the story of LCTKD, including how we got our name, in a page giving you the background to LCTKD.

Our Logo

Our home page is the only page not to contain our distinctive red and green LCTKD logo, which is usually at the top of the page.

The logo itself was designed by Susanna Fung Tsui Shan, and it was based upon the logo of our home at the London Chinese Community Centre. The green characters mean "Chinese" and the red flash symbolises good fortune.

When you click on the logo on any page, it takes you back to our home page. Try it now!