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Women and Girls

With nearly half our students female, we have more women and girls in our martial arts classes than any other school we know.  Many of our classes have more female students than male students.  We are very proud of this, as it shows how successful we have been in promoting a welcoming, family atmosphere, and getting away from the “macho” ethos which still permeates some martial arts schools.    


2011 Word Team Patterns Gold Medallist and Individual World Silver Medallist Mrs Dee Milbery teaches at several of our classes. She’s an expert in self defence, and one of the few people who really has to use her self defence knowledge in her day to day work.  


Mrs Milbery is also rightly known for her sparring.  2011 World Team Siver Medallist, and 2011 ITS British Open Champion and 2009 Verve UK Open Champion, ISTC Gold medallist and England Team Member, Mrs Milbery trains and spars at the very highest level.  


British Open Champion at her grade, Hayley Moreland, believest that martial arts has changed her life.


Eight year old Klareze Wong wants to become a competitor too, and is keen to fight for England some day.  


But it’s not all about competition.  Though we have many competition winners amongst our female students, there are many more who come not for the competition but the fitness, confidence, and fun that martial arts brings.  


Mum of three Sam Field joined after watching her children enjoy Taekwondo, and became the first person ever to gain a new belt in our martial art for grown ups, ensodo.  


The photo shows Hayley Moreland, Mrs Milbery, Jayne Archer, and Heather Taylor.
Our women martial artists include many British Championship medallist, such as Bronze medal winner Susanna Fung, pictured above, and silver medallist Ravi Luggah, below.
Ensodo student Sam Field, left, and young high flyer Klareze Wong, right.  
Teenage silver medallist Rebecca Nevin, below, right.  
Check out this video of the teenage girls in our Condors Class jump kicking over three people.