Wychavon Wellbeing Week

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Runs until: 17 October, 2017

It’s Wychavon Wellbeing Week from 9-15 October, and the concentration is on things you can do support your mental health.  

Did you know that this recent academic study published in the American Journal of Psychiartry showed that regular exercise can prevent future depression, and even just an hour a week can help.

Martial arts, including the non-fighting martial arts we teach like Tai Chi and Mugai Ryu, are great for calm, confidence and wellbeing.

We have classes in Wychavon for all ages and levels of fitness, from the intense TaeKwonDo to relaxing Tai Chi, a true fighting art called Ensodo, which is for students up to 70, and the hyper-calm, Zen-inspired sword art Mugai Ryu.  All our classes are welcoming and friendly, and studying these arts is truly fascinating.  

To celebrate Wychavon Wellbeing Week we are offering a free month to new starters who e-mail us before 17 October quoting the code “Wychavon Wellbeing.”  So be quick, e-mail us now and take advantage of this offer which could truly change your life.


Only available in Cotswolds and Vale subscription classes.  This does include classes outside of Wychavon, including those in Gloucestershire and Warwickshire, and elsewhere in Worcestershire, except Finstall.

It does not include Adult Learning classes, classes paid for by the course, classes in Finstall, or one-off workshops.

You must e-mail us at office@lctkd.com before midnight on 17 October to take advantage of this offer.  No other method of communication will count.

It’s okay to take advantage of this offer and give it as a gift. You can e-mail us on behalf of one or more family members.  

You can also e-mail us on behalf of a friend, but you must include their e-mail address.

Your free month does not need to start immediately, but it must be a continuous calendar month starting no later than 17 November, 2017.  

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