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There are many things which contribute to our wellbeing (or wellness, as they say in some countries).  To be truly well, we must respect the physical and emotional sides of our life.  

We need to be keeping fit, eating well, exercising, and relaxing.  We also need to be stretched, achieving, and fulfilled.

Our lives need to be in balance.  Not too much work (or too little).  We need to be free from stress, doing what we believe in, and we need to be in harmony with the world and the people around us.  

We should respect the gift that our life is, and take care of it.  There is so much we can do to keep well: for most of us, most of the time, our wellbeing really is in our own hands.  

Sometimes, Serious illness, the loss of a loved one, fears for those close to us, and crises at work are rarely in our power to control - and even if they are, we almost never see the warnings until it’s too late.  These things bring us the most challenging times in our lives; times when we need the help and support of others.

Take a look at our our sister site at LCTKD Wellbeing for information, ideas, advice and an occasional thing which is just, well..., nice.  There’s also information about the services we provide at LCTKD Wellbeing.

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Check out our sister site at LCTKD Wellbeing:
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And this is “Barefoot” from Ray Collins Hot Club.  Sing along as loud as you want!
It’s the fun theme for our martial arts classes, popular with all ages:
Relax with some beautiful music.  It’s David Lanz, playing “Cristofori’s Dream.”