Tai Chi Videos

Click on the photo above to see the Tai Chi Fan form as taught at LCTKD.

We are always preparing new videos, and there are more detailed podcasts to come.  

Click on the links on this page to watch videos to help you practice.  There are lots of videos on our YouTube Tai Chi Playlist - click here.

In a series of videos, our Chief Instructor explains the complex sequence known as “Fair Lady Works with Shuttles.” Click on the photo for that.  

Fair Lady Short Form Videos

Watch the Complete Yang Style Short Form all the way through, from two different directions. Click on the photo for that.  

Tai Chi Fan

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Watch our revision videos off line and on your TV screen with our popular revision DVD.    

Just want to see what Tai Chi in a class looks like?  

Click on this link to see our short example.

Been doing the Beijing 24 Step?

Revise with Linda.