Though individual Instructors may differ, we don’t normally offer “turn up and pay” classes, because we believe that every moment of class time should be devoted to learning, and Instructors should be focused on teaching.  

Some of our students pay by the course.  See the table on the right of this page.  

For most others LCTKD is a subscription organisation and you pay a regular monthly subscription by standing order or through our on-line shop. We offer three subscription levels: Internal Arts (Tai Chi), Fighting Arts (which includes Tai Chi too) and Sword Arts (which includes Fighting Arts and Tai Chi too). You can attend any appropriate class through the week covered by your subscription level.

What you pay for your subscription depends on where you attend classes, your income, and how many members of your family are part of LCTKD.  We offer both low income and family discounts.  (We consider you on a low income if you are in receipt of one of a number of income related benefits, Including Income Support, Pension Credit and Working Tax Credit.)

Setting up your subscription takes just a few minutes, and you can do it on line, or through your Instructor, or a bit of both.  For TaeKwonDo we have a money saving “starter pack” which gets you going, and that’s how most people start - but it’s up to you.  

Contact us to check whether you would pay by course or be on a subscription, and work out what the very best deal for you would be.  Our rates are very competitive, so you won’t be disappointed!

LCTKD Subscriptions

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These people don’t pay a monthly subscription.

Some people attend an after school class run by their school, and pay the school termly.

We occasionally run other set courses which must be paid for in full, in advance, usually through our on-line shop.

We also provide many classes with the support of Worcestershire Council’s Adult Learning.  These classes are the ones with a course code given in the course code column of our classfinder documents.

You pay for Adult Learning courses on line in advance, at the rate of £4.50 per hour, but you can get your course FREE if you have less than 5 GCSEs at A-C, or are doing the course to help you get a job, or you are referred to the course by one of Adult Learning’s Partner organisations.

If you are not sure which one applies to you, contact us and we’ll help you sort it out.