Many of our classes are in schools, and we love to support the work of those schools and all schools in the community.  We’re not just martial artists: our instructors include psychologists and experts on child behaviour, and people who work in education as well as with LCTKD.  We have long experience working with kids in many different fields as well as, of course, martial arts.

We do enter into contracts with schools to deliver long term support, for example working with disadvantaged or “difficult” kids, and we also operate after school classes in conjunction with schools, but much of our work with schools is given free of charge, including:

We also offer schools we work with the chance to nominate pupils for an Ollie Bailey Scholarship.  Sometimes, disadvantaged children would benefit greatly from the discipline, confidence, and fitness that martial arts can offer, but just can’t afford to take part.  Our Ollie Bailey Scholarships offer schools the chance to make a positive intervention, by providing free subscriptions and ongoing support for students in such circumstances, nominated by their school.  Contact us to find out more.    

LCTKD & Schools

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