Make it an LCTKD Christmas

Need More Information?

It’s easy to get your Christmas presents in the LCTKD shop.  It’s on-line, and easy to use, and we always keep you in touch with your orders being dispatched, and respond quickly to any questions.  

If you order a t-shirt, for example, we are always happy to change it if it doesn’t suit, or the size isn’t right.  So we take the worry out of Christmas for you.

Take a look around our shop.

We also take the worry out of searching by letting you know our most popular things, by sorting everything by the martial art you want. Here are some popular choices.

There’s the full colour TaeKwonDo Manual, just out this year, and available in print copy or specially designed PDF for your computer, laptop or tablet or phone.

Or our very popular new Dragon t-shirts, which come in black or white, with red or green dragons in Mrs Helen Hall’s own Chinatown Dragon designs, as featured in our black belt gradings for some years.    

And if you think something more educational, active, or relaxing would be better, why not give a give of a Tai Chi course, or our new “Everyday Zen” course?  There are lots coming up in Worcestershire from the start of 2018.  Take a look.