An LCTKD business partnership gives you the association of your name with a fit and healthy lifestyle.  Our Silver Standard Business Partnership and our LCTKD Hotel Partnership schemes come free of charge.  And for those who want something special it’s worth checking out our Gold and Platinum Business Partnerships too - specially designed to meet the different needs of today’s businesses.  Take a look and see what suits you, then contact us to get started – it’s quick and easy to do.       

LCTKD Silver Business Partner – FREE

10% discount at any public classes for your staff

1 annual free 1 hour session of your choice, in house or at a nearby location

high quality staff in action photographs from our classes for your publications

LCTKD Hotel Partners – FREE

10% discount on any of our martial arts breaks for your guests

priority booking for martial arts breaks

high quality promotional photographs from our sessions for your publications (subject to guest agreement)

our support in devising and providing a uniquely tailored holiday package for you to offer

Sound good?  Want more?  Check out what you get as a Gold or Platinum Business Partner – it’s easier, quicker, and cheaper than you would think.

LCTKD Gold and Platinum Partners

Sound good?   Contact us and we’ll explain how it works.SilverHotelPlatinumGold