19 February, 2018

Chinese New Year of the Dog has arrived.  This year it is the year of the “Earth Dog,” which is friendly, lucky, principled, communicative, serious, and responsible at work.  

It will be a good year for solidly developing principled activity - so it should be an auspicious one for organisations like LCTKD, which have high standards, are very ethically driven, and do what they believe in.

Every year, LCTKD’s Chinatown class does a public demo during the Chinese New Year celebrations in London Chinatown.  See photos from this year’ great demo by clicking on the one below.

Happy New Year!


New Tai Chi in Cleeve Prior

To celebrate Chinese New Year, we are very pleased to announce the opening of a new Tai Chi class in Cleeve Prior, Wednesday at 12 noon from 7 March.  Join us for a FREE taster session on 28 February.  

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