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A subscription to LCTKD is so much more than a training fee.  It’s your gateway to a new healthier lifestyle.  You don’t have to be young and superfit to start – you just have to want more out of life.


Fitness, confidence and fun

Change your life with our great martial arts: get fit with Taekwondo, specialise with Mixed Martial Arts, or consider the gentler, more thoughtful Ensodo.  We’re at the heart of London’s West End, and we’re the biggest school in the Cotswolds and Vale of Evesham.  Your subscription allows you to attend any suitable class throughout the week at no extra cost.


Learn at home

Our hugely popular website helps complement your classes with study at home, and you’ll get priority, discounted access to our forthcoming on-line training programmes.


Get the right look

Train in safety and comfort, look great every day, and let people know about your new lifestyle with our unique range of LCTKD branded gear and specially discounted training equipment.  


Share cultures

All of our students are welcome to train with us at the heart of London’s Chinatown, and we hold regular events there, as well as encouraging our Chinatown students to share their experience in events in our other venues.  It’s a wonderful sharing of cultures which brings new insight to young and old.  


Win that medal

If you’re competitively minded, we offer you access to national and international competitions in a championship winning school, training alongside a host of British champions.  We have our own LCTKD sparring squad, coached by UK Champion Dee Milbery.  


Get qualified

Our martial arts belts are internationally recognised, and are a great asset if you’re applying for a job, or a new school, or university, and looking to get that extra edge.  Our work is recognised for sports leader awards, including in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme.  More than that, we offer first aid training, and instructor training too, with recognised qualifications and even the chance of a career!  


Try something new

We’re famous for our regular family-friendly events and seminars.  Whether at special events or in classes, we’re not tied to the old and repetitive.  There are always new skills to learn, whether in personal safety, or working with weapons, or stretching, or even dancing!


Join Us!

Martial Arts Classes
We are famous for our family-friendly approach.  Find out about our classes by clicking on the photo of Helen Hall above.  

We’re also well known for our leadership in encouraging women and girls in the martial arts. Click the photo of Dee Milbery and friends below to find out more.  
Women and Girls

Take care of your wellbeing








Our Cotswold and Vale of Evesham members get discounted access to our wellbeing services, including counselling, and small group classes in stretching and relaxation.

Book free private lessons

Yes, it’s true.  We offer students access to free private lessons with top instructors, through our designer martial arts programme.  

Sound good?  

Take a look around the website, using the menu at the top left of the page, to find out more.  Or to find our martial arts classes, go to our classfinder page.    

Or contact us directly.
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