To become an Instructor at LCTKD, you need to have extensive martial arts experience, hundreds of hours of supervised teaching, and have completed a lengthy and demanding specialist martial arts Instructor course.  Our qualifications are much more demanding than any other martial arts school we know.

Half of our Instructor and Tutor team members are female.

Co-founder of LCTKD Gareth R. Hall, a fourth degree black belt with 26 years of martial arts experience in Karate, TaeKwonDo and Mugai Ryu, is our Chief Instructor.

Helen Hall, a yoga teacher for nearly 30 years and with nearly 20 years in martial arts, a psychologist, and a specialist in training is now our Director of Education and Training.  Helen specialises in teaching younger students, and now teaches our TaeKwonDo classes at Moreton-in-Marsh and Kitebrook, as well as many of our special events.

The other co-founder, Neil R. Hall, is our Director of Internal Arts and LCTKD International.  These days, he writes books, produces videos, and teaches Tai Chi, Ensodo, Mugai Ryu and TaeKwonDo. He is supported by Tai Chi Instructors Louise Morey, Mike Coleman, Sue Smith and David O’Brien, Ensodo Instructor Joe Aspey, Tai Chi Tutors Gaynor Barr, Michelle Baker and Joanne Harriett , Mugai Ryu Tutor Barry Jones, and TaeKwonDo Tutors Olivia Edwards and Anya-Maria Piechowiak.

Double Black Belt with 26 years of experience, and one of LCTKD’s longest standing students Jon Alagoa, is our London Director and Competition Coach. He is supported in Chinatown by another Instructor, and LCTKD’s longest standing student, Susanna Fung, and by Tutors Angela Sun and Connie Wong.

Drew Hall, with 26 years of martial arts experience and a fourth degree black belt in TaeKwonDo, is our Technical Director.  He teaches TaeKwonDo and SAMA Kickboxing.  

Rich Edkins learned his martial arts at LCTKD and went on to qualify as an Instructor of TaeKwonDo, which he teaches in Coventry.  

Sami Remili, qualified in WTF Taekwondo and creator of DFS, leads our work on DFS in Algeria.

All our classes are also supported by well qualified Assistant Instructors, Teaching Assistants and Junior Leaders.  

Our Office Manager, who handles all day to day enquiries, the shop, the calendar, our social media sites and much more, is Marie Hall.  

Meet the Team

Our Instructors are all Fellows of the Institute for Advanced Integrated Martial Arts.    This international organisation promotes learning and qualification for martial artists around the world, as well as study visits and Fellowship exchanges.

This page tells you about our Instructors, but we wouldn’t want to forget the enormous contribution made by our many Assistant Instructors, Teaching Assistants, and Junior Leaders - all of whom have had to pass difficult courses in the teaching of martial arts.

A big thanks, too, for all those who help us with the marketing, administration, and various aspects of the running of LCTKD.  We are very proud to have such a great team.