Our LCTKD Gold Business Partnerships bring you great value services and publicity, and at only £295 per annum cost your business less than £6 a week, no matter how big your business is (compare that to what you give out in petty cash).

For that, you get all of the following:

10% discount at any public classes for your staff

5% staff discount on any purchases from the LCTKD Shop (including music)

high quality staff in action photographs from our classes for your publications

either 1 annual free half day session of your choice, in house or at a nearby location or a 4 part self defence or de-stress course in house for a small group of key staff, with promotional photographs

promotional page on our busy websites, which have hundreds of thousands of hits each year

Sound like a good deal, but still wondering what else you could get?  Take a look at our Platinum Sponsor Packages.

LCTKD Gold Partners

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