Bring a Friend

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Runs until: 17 October, 2017

Available in all our Cotswolds and Vale subscription classes suitable for beginners.  

If any current student introduces a friend, the new student gets a free suit when they sign up, and the student who introduces them gets a free t-shirt.


Only available in Cotswolds and Vale subscription classes.  (This does include Warwickshire classes, and Redditch subscription classes, but does not include classes paid for by the course, classes in Finstall, or one-off workshops.)

T-shirts come from our stock only, and colours, sizes and design are all subject to availability.  So if we don’t have your preferred t-shirt, no other prize may be claimed.

Only valid once a subscription is set up and payment received, and for fighting arts students buying a starter pack, it becomes valid only after the starter pack time is finished and the subscription is set up.

The promotion applies to new students on both standard and low income subscriptions.  

Family members count as friends.

Only 1 current student can claim per friend who starts.

If a family signs up, each member gets a free suit at the rate of one for each monthly subscription, but the friend bringing them can only claim one t-shirt.  

For Tai Chi and other Internal Arts, a t-shirt will be offered to the new student, and not a suit.  For Kickboxing, where students do not have formal suits, appropriate kickboxing clothing will be offered. Only one free suit is offered, even if the new student takes up more than one art with their subscription.