Here is a video to help you practice the Tai Chi Fan. It begins with a view from behind the instructor, and then follows with the same sequence, viewed from in front of the instructor.  Click on the box at the bottom right to open it to fill the full screen.

If you can’t open the videos in your browser, watch them on our LCTKD YouTube TaiChi playlist.   

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This Tai Chi Fan Form is the one taught at LCTKD, and is demonstrated by our Chief Instructor, Neil R. Hall.

It is derived from a Chen Style Tai Chi form devised by Master Liming Yue, and taught to us by our friends Helena Keane and David Pelling at Lighthouse Tai Chi.

Download a written print out of the movements here.  

If you would prefer a DVD so you can watch it on your TV screen, then you’ll be pleased to know that 2 fan videos are included on our revision DVD.  Click the photo for that.