At last, a real martial art for grown ups

Developed by our co-Founder, Mr Neil R. Hall, to mark his 50th birthday, Ensodo is a martial art specifically designed for grown ups.

Students learn patterns of movement as in traditional martial arts, and they learn both strong sequences and fluid sequences, including aspects of Tai Chi, and techniques to aid posture, breathing and relaxation.  

They work on practical self defence, studying sparring, blocking and striking techniques, as well as drills which help them hone their techniques.  They practice a lot of reality-based self defence, including defence against weapons such as sticks and knives.

Weapons are not only to be defended against, though, and students learn to use short sticks, bo staffs, sabres, sai and swords.

Ensodo is very much a martial art for grown ups.  There are no flying kicks or dramatic throws, but there is plenty of art, and a lot to learn.  As with other martial arts, students wear formal suits and progress through coloured belts to black.  

Our Ensodo class meets in Ashton-under-Hill. Contact us if you’re interested in finding out more.  We guarantee that it will change your life.  

Note that we will be updating the Ensodo section of our website soon, so keep coming back to check!