DFS is a tough, real self defence art designed and developed by the Algerian Martial Artist Sami Remili.

DFS is the “DZ Fighting System,” which takes its name from Algeria.

Algeria is dominated by the Sahara Desert, and the deadly efficiency of DFS as a fighting system comes from a desert philosophy, where success and indeed survival necessitates a stripping away of the unnecessary, a compactness and conservation of energy, and direct, deadly movement when required.  

DFS is a “stand your ground” art, stripped of running about, with efficiency as its mantra.  

It can also be wily, and the wily survivalist, the Desert Fox, has become a symbol for the art - which is sometimes known as the Desert Fox System.  

At LCTKD, we are converts to the powerful effectiveness of DFS, and it is becoming an increasing part of our work.  Click on the photo to see some DFS in action, and contact us if you’d like to know more.  

DFS in Action