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Founded in the community, and with a philosophy of community martial arts and community wellbeing, LCTKD is much more than what goes on inside our training spaces.  Find out on these pages about our home at the Chinese Community Centre, our work with businesses, and our support for schools, our good causes, and how we can help with your Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.  Much of what we is do is done entirely free of charge.  It’s our way of saying thank you to the communities that support us so well.    

LCTKD in the Community

The London Chinese Community Centre, Where LCTKD was born:


Good Causes
Find out about our support for good causes, including our Military Services Commitment.  
LCTKD & Schools LCTKD & Business
What can we do for your business?
Check out our free business partnerships.
See all the things we do for schools, including free anti-bullying workshops, scholarships, and free teachers’ sessions.
Duke of Edinburgh's Award
We can help with your
Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.