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Runs until: 17 January, 2018  

Did you know that our authentic Tai Chi, which is slow and gentle and suitable for all ages, is proven to help you relax, and to make you fitter both physically and mentally.  

And our Zen-inspired Japanese Sword Art, Mugai Ryu, also suitable for all ages, is dedicated to focus and calm.  

All our classes are welcoming and friendly, and studying these arts is truly fascinating - and for many, life changing.

To help you along on your journey, we are offering a free trial period of one month in our Tai Chi or Mugai Ryu.  


Available in our regular Tai Chi classes at Batsford Arboretum, and in Redditch, and our beginners Tai Chi in Pershore, plus our Mugai Ryu in Blockley, Ashton-under-Hill and Redditch.

It is not available in our Finstall Tai Chi class, Adult Learning classes, or one-off workshops.  

You must e-mail us at before midnight on 17 January, or come to class and quote the offer “calm yourself” to take advantage of this offer.  No other method of communication will count.

It’s okay to take advantage of this offer and give it as a gift. You can e-mail us on behalf of one or more family members.  You can also e-mail us on behalf of a friend, but you must include their e-mail address.

Your free month does not need to start immediately, but it must be a continuous calendar month starting no later than 1 February, 2018.  

You must register to take advantage of this offer, but you will not be required to pay until your free month has ended, and there will be no obligation on you to continue if you don’t want to.  

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