Our Chief Instructor was once responsible for the Mayor of London’s relationship with 250,000 businesses, so it’s not just because we have years in business ourselves that we know a thing or two about what businesses need.  

We understand the legal requirements on you to show how you have helped your staff tackle physical and emotional stress, the importance of training public-facing staff in self defence, the need to cut down days lost through illness, the value of providing real, enjoyable and local benefits for your staff, and the need for simple and straightforward deals with the minimum of fuss.

We can help with all these, and our great deals start at no cost at all to you.  

How can we do this?  It’s simple businesses sense: if we help you, you’ll point your staff to us; they get a discount, you get healthier, happier staff, and we get people using our business.  Everybody wins.  

An LCTKD business partnership gives you the association of your name with a fit and healthy lifestyle, and we can offer you:

discount deals for your staff at our public classes

public classes timed and geared to your staff

in-house classes

de-stress and relaxation sessions

exercise and flexibility sessions for staff with static jobs

self defence training – from basic to advanced

martial arts tasters

team building events

martial arts demonstrations (including Tai Chi) at your events

publicity and sponsorship opportunities with maximum positive exposure at minimal cost

unparalleled international opportunities for any experienced martial artists who you have working for you

LCTKD & Business

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