Our Bullyproof Promotion

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Runs until: 31 January, 2018

Find out about the approach to Bullyproofing at LCTKD by watching our videos at this link.

To support people seeking a way to overcome bullying, we are offering a free month to new starters who e-mail us before 31 January quoting the code “Bullyproof.”   


Only available in Cotswolds and Vale Fighting Arts subscription classes, which includes those in Worcestershire, Warwickshire and Gloucestershire.  

It does not include Internal Arts like Tai Chi or Sword Arts like Mugai Ryu - though we often run promotions on both of these too, so take a look at our promotions page.

You must e-mail us at office@lctkd.com before midnight on 31 January 2018 to take advantage of this offer.  No other method of communication will count.

It’s okay to take advantage of this offer and give it as a gift.

You can e-mail us on behalf of one or more family members.  

You can also e-mail us on behalf of a friend, but you must include their e-mail address.

Your free month does not need to start immediately, but it must be a continuous calendar month starting no later than 17 February, 2018.  

You must register to take advantage of this offer, but you will not be required to pay until your free month has ended, and there will be no obligation on you to continue if you don’t want to.  

You can take advantage of any free suit offers that might be running on the date that you register, but your free suit will not come until you actually sign up and pay your first month’s subscription.  

Bullyproof Your Kids

Click on the photo above to watch our bullyproofing videos.