Bullyproof Your Kids

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Bullying is everywhere these days.  Most people realise that studying martial arts is an effective way to overcome bullying. Despite this, many parents looking to help their children face bullying don’t want to turn to martial arts because they believe that this will be just promoting simple violence as a solution to a complex problem, and unfortunately many martial arts schools do take just that line.  That is really sad, because properly taught traditional martial arts are a truly effective way to overcome bullying - by instilling confidence and self respect, and giving the knowledge and ability to find proportionate, non-violent responses to all sorts of conflict, while at the same time promoting self control and disciplined behaviour.

Our approach at LCTKD has been developed through the structure and discipline of traditional martial arts, and is applied in a way that is guided by psychologists and educationalists.  Watch the video on the left to find out about bullyproofing at LCTKD.  The video on the right gives you an insight into a thoughtful discussion on bullying from two the the LCTKD team.  

At LCTKD you can always come to try a class free of charge.  Also, we often run special promotions for people seeking a sensible, practical and thought out way of dealing with bullying. Click the link below to find out more.