Are you a qualified martial arts instructor, or a black belt / soon to be black belt, thinking about setting up your own class, an Instructor in Tai Chi, or an instructor in a similar field?  

We are always interested to talk to people who share our values, and might want to be part of a family of like-minded instructors at LCTKD.

We’re not a big, faceless, money-grabbing organisation.  We have a fresh approach and a welcoming atmosphere.  And we’re instructors who’ve started from scratch, just like you.  We’ve had to work through everything that a new instructor has to consider, so we understand the issues you are dealing with and we know just how you feel.  

Wherever you are (in the UK or elsewhere) we offer the very best package that there is for instructors, which gives you the advantage of our name and reputation, links you into the heart of martial arts in London’s Chinatown, and offers you fantastic support in setting up and running your classes - while allowing you the maximum independence, with the minimum of hassle.  It’s simple, it’s quick, and it’s affordable.

We work with a simple, low cost fee structure which allows you the freedom to set up and run classes without a burden of expenses, and we provide you with free instructor training and qualifications, continuing professional development, insurance, gradings and events for your students, website, stationery, marketing advice, and all that you need. We also give you the chance to earn commission on sales from our shop to your students, and when you introduce new instructors to us.

So take just a few seconds to send an e-mail to us and we’ll follow up with an informal chat.  A few seconds…… what have you got to lose?  


Become an LCTKD Instructor

We’re well known for our leadership in encouraging women and girls in the martial arts, and 50% of both students and staff at LCTKD are female.