Tai Chi, Ensodo and Mugai Ryu

Tai Chi

In 2010, to mark his 50th birthday, our then Chief Instructor Neil R. Hall began to teach a specialist martial art for older students, called Ensodo.  Designed to be a real, traditional, formal martial art, Ensodo is a self defence art without the spectacular jumps and flying kicks that demand a…. well…. younger body. In 2017, one of our Ensodo students became a Black Belt and then an Instructor, at the age of 68.

In designing Ensodo, Neil drew on an extensive knowledge of martial arts, and in particular martial arts with a lot of circular movements.  Included in these was Tai Chi, which he had been studying for many years, and the Yang Style Tai Chi short form is taught to Ensodo students to help them with suppleness and softness of movement.

In 2013, at the suggestion of our Ensodo students, we began to teach Tai Chi in its own right, and now we teach Tai Chi in popular classes across the midlands, with a focus on Tai Chi as gentle exercise, and on its meditative aspects and healing qualities.  

In 2015, LCTKD added the beautiful, calm, Zen-based Japanese Sword art Mugai Ryu, under European Head Sensei Luciano Morgenstern and UK Head Sensei David Jackson.  This traditional sword art has become popular with students from just 12 to over 72, and its calm focus can be truly life changing.  

Click on the links to these arts to see videos explaining a bit more and giving you a feel for what they are like.  


Ensodo Mugai Ryu Tai Chi Mugai Ryu Ensodo