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TaeKwonDo & DFS

We began in London Chinatown in 2004 with open and free drop in sessions of freestyle martial arts.  (Nowadays it would be called “Mixed Martial Arts” or “MMA.”)  

It wasn’t long before our teaching, encouraged by the interests of our students at the London Chinese Community Centre, focused on the most popular martial art in the world, TaeKwonDo, and our TaeKwonDo classes were the mainstay of our work in Chinatown till 2008 - hence our name London Chinatown Tae Kwon Do (LCTKD).  

Today, the LCTKD approach to TaeKwonDo is well known around the world. Our approach makes this hard military art fun for children, intensely super-fit for adults, and life-changing for everyone.  Our tough but non-macho attitude has meant that from the beginning, over 40% of our TaeKwonDo students have been female.   

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Our Instructors, though, have studied many martial arts as well as TaeKwonDo, and it wasn’t long before our teaching opened up to other topics, such as the “softer” or “internal” martial arts of Tai Chi and Ensodo. At the same time, we retained a strong interest in other “hard” or “external” arts, and so we were inspired by the vision shared with us by our friend Sami Remili of LCTKD Algeria, when he introduced us to his tough, fast, hard-fighting art known as the DZ Fighting System, or DFS.  

Nowadays, DFS is becoming an increasing part of our work, and you can find out more about this tough art on these pages.  

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