Studying Mugai Ryu at LCTKD

The video above features our own students introducing Mugai Ryu.  

Students from 12 years and upwards can study Mugai Ryu with LCTKD.  Mugai Ryu does not require a particular level of fitness, and you do not have to be particularly young - indeed, many of our students are well over retirement age. Lessons are relaxed, friendly and calm, and suitable for all abilities and levels of experience. Both men and women study Mugai Ryu with us.   

You don’t need any particular clothing or kit to start. We provide you with what you need. Later, if you want to progress, we can guide you on the various formal clothing, and indeed the sword, that you can get as you go along.

To begin with, students use a wooden sword, or bokken.  Later, they can borrow or buy their own iaito, which is a real, but blunted, sword, for use in class.

Only at special events when very senior students demonstrate their cutting skill are sharp swords used.

Contact us if you’d like to find out more about studying Mugai Ryu with LCTKD.

Mugai Ryu Classes  

Many of our Mugai Ryu students now study their art on Thursday evenings as part of our 2 hour “Open Dojo” session, from 5- 7 p.m. at Ashton under Hill.  You don’t need to come for the whole session, but drop in and join in when it works best for you.    

Our Friday 1-2 p.m. sessions are at the heart of the community in Redditch’s REDI Centre, where in good weather you might even see us training in the garden!

Included in their subscription, our Mugai Ryu students can attend as many of these classes as they want, plus: attend monthly  free and subsidised classes with the UK Head, David Jackson, attend subsidised seminars with the European Head, Luciano Morgenstern, and even train with Mugai Ryu colleagues in Germany, Japan and elsewhere.

Also included in the subscription are all our fighting and internal arts - so for example you can do Tai Chi alongside your Mugai Ryu, at no extra cost.