Mugai Ryu at LCTKD

LCTKD is only one of four schools in the UK where you can learn the strikingly beautiful art of the Japanese sword, Mugai Ryu.  

Mugai Ryu is an authentic sword art founded in 1693, and originally practised by Samurai.  Its founder was a devotee of Zen Buddhism and the influence of Zen runs through the art to this day.  Find out about Mugai Ryu, Zen and the Samurai.

Mugai Ryu has three central elements: Iaido (study of the drawing of the sword and techniques), Kumitachi (study of sword fighting), and Tameshigiri (cutting).

LCTKD students study Mugai Ryu as part of the European Mugai Ryu Federation headed by Sensei Luciano Morgenstern, through the UK Inyoshinkai headed by Sensei David Jackson.  Students have the opportunity to train not only across Europe, but also in Japan.

Find out more and watch our video, introducing Mugai Ryu, on our studying Mugai Ryu page.  

See our studying Mugai Ryu page for more information, including classes and upcoming demos.  

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