London Chinatown TaeKwonDo

@ Chinese Community Centre, 2nd Floor, Hippodrome, Leicester Court, Chinatown WC2H 7JH  (off the north east side of Leicester Square right next to the Vue Cinema)

Tuesday evenings

5.30 pm  Taekwondo beginners    younger students and beginners - all ages  

6.30 pm  Taekwondo                 teens and adults

8.30 p.m. Bajiquan with our friend Xin Leng (not part of the LCTKD                                                            subscriptions)

The Founders class is where it all began for LCTKD, and it still takes place at the Chinese Community Centre - one of the charities we support.

The Taekwondo beginners class is a fun introductory class open to all ages. The Taekwondo class is for more formal learning or a more grown up group, who can also stay on and train in Bajiquan with Xin Leng.

TaeKwonDo classes are taught by Senior Instructor Mr Jon Alagoa and Miss Susanna Fung, with the help of Teaching Assistants Emma Muir and Connie Wong.

Mr Alagoa holds regular extra classes outdoors over the weekend, for teens and adults who want to get that extra training in.  

Founders Class Chinatown