In 2014, our Chief Instructor Neil R. Hall wrote a short illustrated book explaining the famous Qi Gong sequence known as the Ba Duan Jin, or more commonly as the Eight Pieces of Brocade.  

The sequence was first taught by Marshal Yue Fei to his troops, around 1140 A.D. Though it was taught to soldiers, it is not hard to perform, and people of all ages can benefit from it.  

Even in relative beginners it slows and settles the breathing, lowers the heart rate, and introduces a feeling of calm.

It can be used as a set of gentle stretching or breathing exercises in its own right, or as a beginning or ending to martial arts classes of all types.  

With practice, it can also become an effective meditation in motion, and, ultimately, a means of stimulating the flow of Qi.

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It is also possible to order a printed version, if you prefer.  

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